Since 2012, science textbooks by Centripetal Press and its sister company, Novare Science & Math, have been adopted by over 140 schools and thousands of homeschooling families in the United States and around the world.

John Mays’s Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry is an exceptional text designed for motivated honors students.  While it incorporates many areas of Physics and Chemistry, it is carefully designed with a focused core of concepts that allow students to achieve mastery. The focus on mastery encouraged my students to read and re-read areas of the text throughout the year, review old content weekly and practice different problems from previous units as they prepared for upcoming quizzes.

Throughout the year, I was impressed to see how my students were able to grow and become confident learners and how easily they could recall and produce work from all areas of the text with little preparation. The author’s design of practice problems helped my students focus on important skills and ideas while giving them different variations of the problems to test their understanding. The book also contains tutorials for problem solving as well as labs that accompany some of the chapters.

I highly recommend this book to any school looking for a text to accompany an accelerated or advanced physical science class.”

School of Rhetoric Science TeacherParnassus Preparatory School, MN

This is an excellent physical science textbook! Instead of providing another lengthy encyclopedic textbook like most others do, Mays carefully selected topics that are sufficient to give middle school students mastery of physical science.

The presentation of each topic is clear, but at the same time thorough. The textbook is both manageable and challenging for middle school students, which is an attractive feature for both teachers and students. Students are happy to presented with a serious challenge, and they respond favorably. All the pictures and figures help to illustrate, clarify and extend points made in the text, unlike the pictures in some other textbooks which simply distract. Fluff is not needed as a crutch to keep kids interested in this textbook.

Dan MurphyWestern Academy | Houston, TX